May 11, 2015

Stephen Hall's residency in Taiwan

Bachelor of Visual Arts lecturer Stephen Hall has recently returned from an art residency in Taiwan. Here is a local television story of his visit, plus a report from Stephen himself below.
Yunlin County is a coffee bean and oyster/seafood producing region in Taiwan that is trying to boost the community's art and cultural knowledge and experience. One way is the annual exhibition "Yunlin Art Together" showing the work of Taiwanese artists along side international artists, this time from Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, USA and Spain. I was suggested to the organizers by a Taiwan/Australian artist I taught drawing years ago. Yunlin Cultural Department provided food and accommodation for nearly a week while the artists were taken around the county seeing sights and being introduced to various parts of the community. I was made one of two representatives for the International artists, which meant I had to make speeches and do presentations. This included being a guest speaker opening The Taiwan Artists Association exhibition, doing a half hour presentation about my work to 500 students and faculty members at the National Formosa University, and made a speech to school children.
I had requested to borrow a studio and go a week earlier to do some work, which I did and was lent the little disused studio in Taisi, a small remote oyster farming township where the TV segment is filmed. A newspaper article for a Taiwan Newspaper was also done about my stay and the work I was doing there. I have invitations to go back. I also met a Chinese artist who has given me an open invitation to go and stay and work in Beijing. All food for thought...

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