Nov 25, 2014

Blacktown Art Prize Congratulations!

Congratulations are in  order  for   currrent  students and  graduates of our Visual Arts  courses!  
The Blacktown Art prize is considered Western Sydneys  premiere art prize with awards to the  total of  $24,000  and as  such  is   highly  competive  and  entered by hundreds of artists each year.
So congratulations for being selected  and the best  of luck to  the following people :
  Ray Atkins   
Angie Borg    

Gloria Obdens   

 Linda Brescia          

Negin Chahoud           

Terrence Combos        

Sherrie Ehrlich                

Jeffrey Eyles           

Carole Ann Fitzgerald 

Jody Graham             

Ronald Horstmann        

Katherine Kennedy       

Bron Newman            

Tim Newman 
Make sure you let us know if we  have missed anybody!

Ray Atkins    in front of  'Cruisin'   Linocut
Carol Ann Fitzgerald 'Live without fear love without regret'  - Lino cut

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