Jun 19, 2014

Cath Barcan exhibits in MAP project

NADC Visual Arts head teacher Cath Barcan is one of the artists in the latest Modern Art Projects exhibition. MAP explores the junction of art and architecture by staging exhibitions in private homes in the Blue Mountains, and many of these homes are classic examples of mid-century design. 

The latest exhibition, curated by Rilka Oakley, is being held on Sunday July 6. Playfully titled 'Hide and Seek' the exhibition situates artworks in and around the domestic architectural setting.

The MAP website explains further:

"Unfolding like a game the Hide & Seek exhibition navigates points of view, while challenging our default perspectives on things. The curator notes “Objects are often observed from a single view (whether this is intellectual, conceptual, historical, physical, emotional or just habit)”. As such the curation suggests looking at things from multiple points of view may be an invaluable tool. Hide & Seek negotiates this idea, and invites the viewer to find the art, to look and ask, is this the art? To spend time making an assessment of what they are looking at, or even how they are looking. “This engagement with the process of discernment or decision-making allows space for new perspectives to emerge”. The select guest artists in Rilka Oakley’s Hide & Seek curation are Cigdem Aydemir, Cath Barcan, James Culkin & Beata Geyer, Anne Graham, Billy Gruner, Daniel Kojta and David Sudmalis."

 Entry is by registration only; follow the link for more details.

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