May 12, 2013

NADC Visual Arts Students in Head On exhibition!

Mara Peralta, work in progress for  'The Speed of Light'

The Speed of Light is the name of an upcoming exhibition of Visual Art photography students at NADC. The exhibition is part of the Head On Photo Festival, and will be held at the Trapezium Gallery at NADC from Tuesday May 21-until the 29th of May, with the exhibition event being held at the Gallery on Wednesday the 22nd of May at 12 noon.

The exhibition is experimental in nature, with the artists working within the Gallery space to explore image possibilities which may or may not stay within the confines of the rectangle. This exhibition offers the artists the valuable opportunity to explore and experiment with both image production and installation.

Featured artists are Nathaniel Moss, Ivy Jean, Caitlin Chapman, Georgina Taylor, Malcolm Nash, Destyn McMinn, Julie Bartolo, Anna Tebar, Mara Peralta, Samantha Friebel, Natalie Rowe, and Michelle Tholen.

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