Nov 16, 2012

Queen Street: Riches and Textures 2012: Art. Mentorship. Community Engagement.

Julieanne Bartolo, 'Styling', digital photograph, 2012
"The image was made in my favourite shop as it was funky, different and insightful. I have never seen so many brands of spray paint nor have I met such awesome hair dressers before with great artistic talent. I was lucky enough to walk in the shop when a young boy was getting his hair cut and styled. I was making sure to capture the spray of mist that floated in the air from the water bottle, while capturing all the needed equipment on the bench and in the barber's hand. This photograph tells a story of the fact that people of all ages care about their hair and what it looks like." -Julieanne Bartolo
Two fine art students from  Nepean Arts and Design Centre have participated in a community project auspiced by St Mary's Corner. The project was a creative interaction between John Slaytor, photographer and mentor,  and  students from Nepean Arts and Design Centre at WSI TAFE, and Caroline Chisholm College.

The participants, including the photographer John Slaytor, documented the shops, shoppers, and shopkeepers on St Mary's lively Queen St, and the results are documented in an upcoming exhibition and catalogue.

 With the skilled and passionate guidance of photographer John Slaytor, the students had a valuable opportunity to try out the roles of working artist, street photographer, commercial photographer and social documenter. They learned the art of liaising with a client, the skills associated with building client relationships and trust, how to answer to a brief, and the realities of working to a deadline. They have learned to respond to a range of situations, and think on their feet to solve predictable and unpredictable technical issues.

Congratulations to Diploma of Fine Arts students Guy Hickey and Julieanne Bartolo for being selected to participate in this project. Their work goes on display on Wednesday the 28th of November at the Memorial Hall in St Mary's Corner- watch this space for further details!
 Guy Hickey, 'Wall O’ Hair - Giggles Fancy Dress', digital photograph, 2012 

"A novelty costume store FULL of fun! Wall-to-wall, floor to roof – you’ll find what you need for a costume, here. Thank you to the ladies at Giggles Fancy Dress!" - Guy Hickey
This project is another great example of the opportunities available for students of Visual Arts at NADC. For all 2013 course inquiries, call the Head Teacher on ph 9208 9513.

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