Mar 7, 2012

Two exhibitions at Blacktown Arts centre

Past student Linda Wilken  is a participating artist in the  On Paper exhibition  (10 February - 21 April)  at  Blacktown Arts Centre. The exhibition showcases 'challenging and surprising works by local and Western Sydney based contemporary artists, whose work engages with the medium of paper.'

Linda Wilken makes collages  from images appropriated from children's books, magazines and cartoons  to explore and critique issues on  gender stereotyping and child exploitation.

Swept off her feet collage 20cm x 20cm

Also showing is  'Idea of water'(10 Feb - 21st April)  which 'presents creative meditations from five Western Sydney artists who each explore their personal and conceptual connections with water.'
This exhibition  includes the work of  two of our  past  students : Jennifer Gabbay whose painted  works celebrate  colour through water distortion and Lauren Gock  who mixes media  to investigate memory and  Fijian ancestry.

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