Nov 3, 2011

Our students selected for the Fisher's Ghost Prize

Alex Zou,'Reality Non Phase No.12', mixed media on paper, 2011

Carol Fitzgerald, 'Waiting', mixed media on paper, 100cmx45cm, 2010

At least three students currently enrolled in fine arts courses at the Nepean Arts and Design Centre have been selected for this year's Fisher's Ghost Prize at the Campbelltown Regional Art Gallery.

Alexander Zou and Carol Fitzgerad from the Advanced Diploma of Fine Art, and Shiou-An Zou, Marcela Vilaplana, and Natalie Horvat from the Diploma of Fine Art, have been selected as finalists for the Prize, which opens tomrrow night at 6.30pm at Campbelltown Regional Gallery.

Congratulations to the artists on their inclusion in this exhibition.

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