May 22, 2011

Toni Warburton's artist talk

 Toni Warburton, 'garland a watercourse', mixed media, dimensions variable, 2010

Advanced Diploma of Fine Art cultural productions teacher Toni Warburton is giving an artist talk this Wednesday, May 25, at 1pm at the National Art School in Sydney. Toni's art practice is centred around ceramics and installation. In her work she engages with a range of media and situations to explore meanings and relationships between place, objects and social transactions and space, processes and systems within natural environments.

Toni is interested in the idea of an encounter through the notion of a"returning gaze‟ :
Occasionally on a familiar walk, a surrealist kind of visual encounter might occur: a perceptual jolt into the tantalising realm of the uncanny. A desire to sustain strangeness as a form of noticing has led me to create these works.”

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