Oct 21, 2010

Studio open days in Balmain and Rozelle, Saturday 23rd, and Sunday 24th of October

Invitation to Studio One+2 open day this Saturday in Rozelle and Balmain. Click for a larger image.
After an excursion to artist studios in the city, Diploma of Fine Art student TJ Combos was inspired to increase his commitment to his art practice by leasing a studio. Read what he has to say:

"For our 2nd year Diploma painting and drawing class, our teacher Shadee Selim took us on an excursion to One+2 Studios in Rozelle and Balmain. It was fantastic to see artists and their working spaces outside of an educational setting. We spoke to a few of the artists and gained an insight into their work, hearing about their aesthetic and philosophical interests and how they help shape their work.

It was very exciting to envision myself working in one of these spaces, so I contacted the director and am now leasing a space in Rozelle. It has proven to be a substantial development in my view towards becoming an established practicing artist. The interaction between others working in the studio has been a very positive experience and has helped me greatly in understanding my own personal interests, as well as having the opportunity to take on board what others are doing in their practices. I feel that my work has benefited greatly from the whole experience so far and it will continue to progress strongly in the future.

One+2 Studios in Rozelle is having an open weekend and group show coming up on Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th of October. I will be displaying my paintings and works on paper in my studio space, as well as organising a collaborative project for all visitors to my space for a bit of fun. It would be great to see you there!"

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