Sep 28, 2010

Beyond Inspiration

scenes from the opening of 'Beyond Inspiration' on Friday September 24, 2010 at the Trapezium Gallery
photography: Robert Musgrave

Last Friday's opening of 'Beyond Inspiration' at the Trapezium Gallery was a resounding success, with a strong attendance, and a buzz surrounding the show. Eleven works sold at the opening, with several more under consideration, which is a wonderful achievement, and strong testimony to the strength of the show. This is what the artists themselves had to say about the exhibition in the catalogue statement:
" Sometimes we feel " beyond inspiration " when we are creating our art. We have a soaring feeling that we are creating something, almost other worldly- or as Wagner would say, - "inspired by the gods".
At other times we feel "beyond inspiration"-brain dead, worldly responsibilities weighing heavily on us and we are far from feeling inspired.
Everyone feels both at one time or another. remaining balanced between those two modes of feeling and persevering will keep us looking ahead and achieving our goals.
This exhibition of drawing, prints and ceramics is presented by the Year 2 students of the final
two year Certificate IV in Fine Arts (now phasing out).
We hope you will enjoy our exhibition"

Congratulations to all the artists involved. The exhibition is open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm at the Trapezium Gallery, Block P, Nepean College Kingswood, and closes at 12 noon on Friday October 15.

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